SCHIELD is shedding its skin like a growing snake. Shedding its name, rules and principles. SCHIELD is moving to Spain to nurture its roots by adopting its concept of freedom, purity and passion.

ROD, its new form, is a fashion, design and photography project created by Roberto Ferlito, who boasts twenty-plus years of experience as a designer in the world of international high fashion, and the revolutionary Spanish photographer Diego Díaz Marín, who has a long and unequalled track record in that world.

Together they’re sharing the creative direction of a project where irreverence and creativity come together as the fundamental cornerstone. They’re not leaving the Made in Italy concept behind, because they respect the high quality of high fashion, treating their products as items belonging to fine jewellery-making, with each piece being hand-finished by Italian artisans using precious materials to guarantee the unique style of ROD.

ROD sets out to overhaul the fashion system, disobeying this world and shunning everything that comes close to submission to this system, which is in the process of putrefaction due to new forms of marketing where everything is based around money and ignores the true basis of fashion: originality, passion and freedom.

Just as the Slavic God Rod created a new world, ROD wants to create another, open-minded and free of censorship, without marketing restrictions or set rules, a world where the highest and ultimate priority is creation and art. The idea is to find all the beauties and not the canonical concept, looking for them and finding them in the most unexpected realms. That’s why they are honest with their products and are introducing price democratisation, ready for the customer to pay for the original creation and not for market filters that swell and contaminate the real price of their jewellery, while always upholding quality. As a result, the relationship with the customer will be direct, as happened in the early days of haute couture in Paris, and their products will dress everybody who loves real art and not a small and pre-set selection.